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Polling places are "found spaces" re-used for voting. This makes it difficult to provide similar access everywhere. This concept suggests a longer-term project to research and prototype an ideal universal polling place

Voting starts long before the official election days - we get motivated to vote by issues, candidates, or things we hear in our community. Can we start to build our ballot choices even before the ballot is created.

Make it easy for voters to mark their ballot anywhere, then bring them to the polling place to cast them. Why not make it easy to get a copy of the ballot and mark it anywhere (in any method), then come to the polling place to cast the ballot

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Whitney commented on Voting Vans --- REFINEMENT

This is an old NPR story (from October), but here's another example of election officials taking polling places into the community.

"The trailer is the first mobile voting booth in Iowa. This polling place on wheels was set up by Marshall County Auditor Dawn Williams."

Hi DFA Cornell. I hope your winning concept inspires advocacy groups and election officials to think about all the bubbles we live in -- and take up some of your innovative ideas for ways to incorporate elections into our daily lives in subtle, but noticeable, ways.


Whitney commented on EZ Ballot -- updated!

Hi Tina, Yilin, Xiao and Jon, This is a great start at a really difficult problem. Finding a way to make the voting interaction work well in a linear interaction would be a big step forward, especially on some of the long US ballots. Lots of areas to explore.

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