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The T-Team is an online and real world youth organisation or platform that promotes and facilitates youth as mentors. It doesn't replace existing youth organisations but partners with them and with seniors' organisations for its principle purpose. Thus members of Scouting Associations, Youth Volunteers, Rural Youth and similar organisations can be members of both. T-Teams research the mentoring needs of seniors and their organisations then seek ways to meet those needs.

Creating a network of partnerships between seniors' organisations like U3A, AARP etc. and schools, colleges and universities , would bring these two groups together and enable youth to share their existing and developing expertise and knowledge with elders. While technology might form the vanguard there are possibilities for sharing across a range of disciplines and skills. Although the intention would be for youth to share with seniors it would be expected that a healthy, mutual exchange between the two groups would naturally develop.

We have festivals for all sorts of things these days - wine, beer, writing, dangerous ideas just to name a few, so why not a Festival ot Youth as Mentors. There are already some examples of youth mentoring seniors, particularly in technology, through life-long learning and intergenerational schools. The focus of this challenge is quite specific about the principal direction of the mentoring (other challenges have focused on the reverse). Let's recognise the initiatives already in place to generate interest and stimulate other, broader efforts.


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Paul commented on Mentorship Networks (Update #1)

Thanks for the great input Leigh.
The idea to focus on giving older adults the means to extend or refocus on
returning to education and the workforce is terrific, and personally acute - since I am attempting to do that myself.

As far as progression is concerned I have been attempting to focus on what I see as the core element of the challenge question, that is the mentoring (i.e. teaching, training, skills transfer) from youth to seniors.
While I understand and appreciate that mentorship in both directions is desirable and healthy it is that core element which distinguishes this challenge from those that have preceded it.

The other challenge I have is giving substance to this concept.
It is easy to envisage the networks existence, and even some situations that illustrate its working but its construction eludes me.


Paul commented on The T-Team (Update #1)

Thanks Leigh - will work this into the concept as soon as I can get back to editing it.
Do you think T-Team is feasible as something run by the 15-24 demographic or should it be an intergenerational effort?

Yes Rajwinder pictures are visible.
I like the idea of the stars and picbadges.
Where would we store the database. I'm keen to see if this idea is compatible with my T-Teams concept.

Also looking forward to seeing what else develops out of this.

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Hey Paul!
We were so inspired by your participation in the E-Waste Challange that we want to be sure you're in the know about our Renewable Energy Challenge – which is now in the Ideas Phase: We'd love if you might swing by and collaborate + share some of the energy you contributed to the E-Waste Challenge so that we can help communities around the world become rapidly renewable. Hope to see you there before Jan 25!

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