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Having been discussing the idea of this challenge for the last 18 months, I have been conscious of how we recycle. It's also how long we've lived in our current home. Here's the things I've noticed over that time about the barriers we have to better recycling.


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Nathan commented on A surgeon - Architect

Hi Raul this is an incredible story, thanks so much for sharing it with OpenIDEO. Please do share more about your progress. It'll be great to follow this project.


Nathan commented on The Electronster: Toolkit and Facilitations

Couldn't agree more! It's brilliant work

WOW - congrats Bahar that's amazing news! Well done. I look forward to seeing the emerging impact of your idea.

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Thank you for the friendly encouragement. If you haven’t read Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” I think you will enjoy it. I am working on mastering all those skills myself, but for the life of me I cannot seem to figure out how to ‘conn a ship.’

Buckminster Fuller is an inspiration; I hope to build a miniature geodesic dome in my backyard some day. I have added ‘spaceship planet earth’ to my list.

I want to congratulate you and your team on all you have accomplished with OpenIDEO thus far. It is truly a unique platform that demonstrates the creative power of interdisciplinary and social collaboration. While at times the challenge bears the burden of a second job, when you are working with a community of passionate and exceptional individuals the lines between work and play begin to blur. Through my experience leading a team, I have come up with a series of ideas for improving the platform for the future, and I will be sure to share them as suggestions with your team in case you find them useful.

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