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Work with One Laptop Per Child to provide laptops to people in these hard to access areas. Wind up/ Solar powered laptops/ tablets that connect to secure satellite connections could prove to be a valuable asset in the fight against mass atrocities.


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Mike commented on People's Radio - now with sound!

Epic idea, here are some possible solutions to the mentioned obstacles.
1. Assign a number to each tweet
2. What if you could only tweet something once an hour?
3. Block numbers that post false info with the actual tweet. (if enough people say "block #345", the system identifies and blocks the number.)
4. Provide a language key for everyone at two intervals of the day (i.e. shootings in the south = sits) - changing the keys occasionally and distributing it to certain people could reduce false tweets.
5. numbers that are confirmed to provide accurate information could be given more authority and even be repeated multiple times.

still with all these there requires programing, hardware, money, and still leaves room for intrusion, which seems to be the main issue. Just some ideas that come to mind, maybe they inspire other solutions. keep it up!:)

A work based youtube platform that educates people around the world about the exercises, food choices, sustainable work practices, etc that really work. The most popular and effective videos enter programs that are offered to businesses as the best practice standard to increase employee satisfaction, sustainable practices, and reduce turnover.

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