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The devastating consequences of rape--HIV, STDs and unwanted pregnancy--are preventable with inexpensive medications. Tracking these life-saving medications gives early, anonymous and geographic data about where mass sexual violence is occurring.


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Joshua commented on Stop Mass Sexual Violence

Julie, Thanks for the comment. This project is almost entirely the work of Congolese people like yourself. We are thankful for their efforts to stop gender-based violence.


Joshua commented on Stop Mass Sexual Violence

Thanks for the help!


Joshua commented on Stop Mass Sexual Violence

Claudia--Thanks for the comment. The way the system works now is that our data manager calls each clinic every day (they could call him as well). They also communicate by text message. If a mass event happens, then the data manager receives that information by phone or text and then looks at the map to see where there are other clinics nearby. He would then call those sites and arrange for a transfer. During the short pilot period, we have already had mass events as high as 14 people. The original idea behind the tracking was to prevent stock-outs, which as you pointed out are critical when the treatment is time sensitive.

In the future with a scaled up system, we could have it so that the clinics themselves send text messages that immediately show up as 'orders' on the web platform. The only reason we didn't roll this out with the pilot is it requires a little more time to train the local staff and it assumes knowledge about PEP--but this is our goal for the future. Critical to the success of this work is that providers need to know how to use PEP kits and people need to know that PEP kits exist. We are working with community health workers and other groups in the field to get this message out.

Thanks again--Josh


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Hello Virtual Team Members,
It looks like the MOLE(S) concept has moved to the next phase. This is my first trip down the river, and so I am hoping that we can collaborate in a big way on this concept. I had some communication with John Rogers the developer of the Bio-Sensor and he thinks that MOLE(s) would be possible, with some additional technology development. Technically the concept will work. However a business plan, marketing and many other elements are outside my area of knowledge. And so I would like to get as much input and support from the team as possible.
Meena-Has demonstrated a lot of communication and organization skills throughout the inspiration and concept phase and so it would be great to continue to have that leadership with this phase.
Aadhithya- Has great animation video and storytelling skills that would be a great asset in telling the story. I can do some 3D modeling and animation if you need story elements along the way.
Lee- Developed -The Beacon concept an SMS based community alert and messaging system; we can use this as a backend hub for messages if you are willing to merge the concept and develop it a bit more to make them link.
Chris S – Posted the COSPAS-SARSAT distress beacon which could work as the network for the system between this and the Beacon we would have a network and hub.
Joshua- Is in the medical field with experience in Africa, you are an endless resource that can add an array of expertise across the board.
So please feel free contribute at will.
Thanks a lot