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What happens if you get sick on election day? Or get a migrane? Any number of chronic or random conditions can put you out of commission for that one, vital, day.

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Drew commented on Surprise medical issues

Daniel, great point.
A little light research into absentee laws in the US shows that (at least at first glance) such last-day absentee ballots are not possible.

There are, however, such things as emergency absentee ballots which can be picked up in person right up until (and including) election day.

These might not help someone who cannot leave the house, but may be a good system to piggyback a solution onto.

I'll try and work on turning this into a concept for the next phase. Do you have ideas on how such a solution might look?


Drew commented on Confusion and Empowerment

I've run into this information problem every time I vote in a local election. Information about the candidate's postion on major issues would be really beneficial to voters, many of whom just don't have the time to do a lot of research ahead of time.

The debates have been very successful in the republican primaries partly because they have been a way to see candidates stand next to each other and state their positions. They provide a opportunity for compare and contrast easily. I could see voting cheat sheets as kind of debate spark-notes, not everyone has the time to watch and take notes on the debates.

One hurdle to overcome: what information is and is not shown could be a huge partisan issue.

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