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Ever talk to a job seeker? "They said......" comes flying out of their mouth at least two times a minute. Who are Mr. and Mrs. They and why have we allowed them to invade our world? I say we vote to send them back to "Theyville" and dethrone them

Lack of exposure means lack of choices. In reality, teens know more ice cream flavors than they do things they can become when they grow up. Rethinking how we invest in our children's college education isn't just important, it is overdue.

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Jamie commented on Reality-Based Education

This is great. The only problem is kids still have lack of exposure to even determine what they want to study and learn at studio school. Similar to the problems with magnet schools, if you choose wrong you get stuck in a track and may end up on hating it so there needs to be some ability to move within subjects.


Jamie commented on Four principles for discovering opportunity

Brad, I think goals are great, but measurable goals as you mention, are the rub. In this instant world where you can even buy your way out of waiting at Disneyland and 30 second rice has replaced minute rice, young people grow inpatient of even their own goals. I think "alligators" as I call them force this, i.e. parents, bill collectors, society in general. We tell them to get a job any job, and as a result, they end up in that same job 10 years later, unhappy, unfulfilled, and having given up on their dream. See my next post on junk food jobs.

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