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Welcome to refinement, Swapna! Your idea was an early crowd favorite, and we’re excited to see it progress in the next couple of weeks. It’s a really great idea because many people are often drawn to eating unhealthy foods because it takes more effort to think of a healthy alternative. We think of staring at the desserts at the store wondering if there’s something better but not quite sure what it could be. Your idea could help with that! It’s appealing because it gives end users a sense of choice and control and is widely accessible. We encourage you to take a look at existing efforts to differentiate your idea and create something even more powerful and viral. Could your idea be integrated into a subsection of existing websites instead of being a stand alone app? How might filmed content be included? We also think there’s exciting potential for content to be sponsored. For example, Fage yogurt could be one sponsor and they could highlight unhealthy snacks that could be easily substituted with yogurt. Additionally, how might celebrities be leveraged in your idea? How might the sponsors and content directly and specifically appeal to the hispanic community? There’s so much potential! If you haven’t pursued these collaborations already, End to end healthy substitutions [], WiseGranny [], Step by Step [] may be able to provide really valuable insights for moving your idea forward. We can’t wait to keep up with you and Eat This Instead during these next couple of weeks of refinement. Happy prototyping!

Welcome to refinement, Logan and the DC Meetup! We love the collaborative nature inherent in your idea and the steps you’ve taken already to make your idea even stronger. We especially love the power this idea has the make an impact the local level. The appeal of creating content for local TV stations is also strong. El Loser Local is a broad and interesting way to engage communities. As you continue propelling your idea forward during refinement, we’d like to push you a bit on the Hispanic American focus of your idea. Perhaps it would be useful to chat with some end users from diverse backgrounds if you haven’t already. Who do you envision competing in El Loser Local and how might you further adapt your idea for your end users? It also might be interesting to dive into some of the privacy issues associated with existing similar TV shows. If you haven’t already, we also encourage you to reach out to Swap-a-box [], Customized wearables [] and/or TV Fit [] about creative ways to collaborate.


OpenIDEO commented on Swap-a-Box

Welcome to refinement, Lea! We love the strong in-person community building element in your idea. We’d love to see you build on that in the next couple of weeks and think about how the idea of swapping boxes might be adapted for regional events that would bring communities together. These community events could tie in technology and gamification and maybe even bring in local chefs from the community. We can’t wait to see your prototyping continue and this idea continue to evolve to bring together community members over healthy eating and traditions. If you haven’t already, we’d recommed thinking about how you might get creative with collaborating with El Loser Local [}, Customized wearables [] and/or Meal for 5 [].

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