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As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a productive child" (adapted African proverb). Many skills sought after by progressive employers are not explicitly taught in schools today - perhaps we can supplement with practice and group feedback

By combining the structure and depth of Peace Corp projects with local public service, we can enable new graduates to gain experience while providing value to their communities. E.g., design graduates re-designing spaces at a local retirement home.


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Thanks Alex. Agreed, I think a basic database with some information on common devices would be a good place to start. I think it would also be great to provide people with disposal options, since that could be a central part of the benefit provided to users. If there were a simple way to integrate a few main disposal options, we could get some valuable user feedback. I added a brief description about prototypes, including your comments, hope you don't mind. Would be great to hear from others as well. Thanks!

I think you're right, it could be an interesting integration between concepts and potentially very useful for manufacturers to get data points on their devices and perhaps modify their processes. Great point, thanks Paul!

Yes! That would be great, maybe you could earn points for adding, or take a picture and upload for an instant add. I was thinking it would be easy if devices were automatically added as soon as you purchased them.

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