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Location Education Transportation = Success. We need to provide equal opportunity and accessibility to all citizens by taking advantage of the resources and technology we already have to save money and energy.

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Christine commented on The Mentoring Wishing Tree

I really like this idea! There aren't enough positive/creative/helpful mentors currently in any part of the work environment, and by having people volunteer means that they are making a personal choice to make a difference instead of people that are forced into being a mentor for young people at the entry-level position. This might be a great concept to integrate into organizations such as IIDA, ASA, etc., so that graduating students or entry-level workers can find mentors directly linked to their area(s) of study.

I think the concepts submitted are extremely technologically innovative. However, there are still a lot of people that don't have access to technology (i.e.: cell phones, IPADs, etc.) I believe we should take advantage of the resources we already have to save energy and money. For example, use language learning centers on voting day for those who don't speak the language. They already have the resources and translators. Also, cities could provide free public transportation on voting day. Most importantly, I believe society has lost interest and understanding on how their vote really counts, so providing education through local newspapers and online resources is key to inform the public. We sometimes forget that voting is a part of our expression of freedom, so we should really be celebrating this right and opportunity.

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