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I have been curious - what state of mind does an attacker get in, which leads him to do sexual violence against a woman on the street? How might we reach this guy and change his mind at that moment?

​Say 'NO' Day is a campaign for the right of women to speak up! In low-income settings, where sexual harassment is a part of everyday life, many women simply do not know their rights to say NO even when they have the chance.


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Hi Bahar, great to see your updates! I am curious about what questions you have asked in the online survey in Persian :)


Cansu commented on Programming to Empowerment

Dear Martha Chumo,

Congratulations for the great idea and taking it through the refinement phase. Did you have time to develop a storyboard? When I think about how a girl/women could experience your idea, I think finding the right people/students could be something you can prototype in a creative way.

A challenge in trainings is that too many people might want to benefit and show interest in attending. But to be honest, learning programming at the age of 14-35 requires some mathematic skills, and moreover, a big interest in technology. To get the best out of these trainings, at least in the beginning, you might want to start with ‘low-hanging fruits,’ with students who can show commitment throughout the trainings.

And in order to find these girls, you can take Google’s recruitment billboard as an inspiration: where they simply post a maths question and attract interested people to go to a link of a recruitment website.

Good luck!

Dear Beatrice,

So great to see the experience map and the implementation plan you developed. I have live in Nkokonjeru in Biukwe District for several months in 2013, so I can imagine so many young girls in Namuwongo benefiting from your idea :) It is especially nice to hear father’s support on this mission.

In some years, a way to financially support the program could be to open it for international students also. Possibly a foreigner student can cover the expenses of herself and provide scholarship for 3-4 students in the program. This would also bring girls from different cultures together and build friendships.

Do you see it as a girls-only holiday program?

Another idea is that alumni girls of the holiday program could be recruited as trainers when they become older.

As the community prototyper, I would be happy to support the prototyping process of your idea.

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Hey Cansu, I'm back on the fields with a new concept for the recycling challenge :
Would love to get your feedback :) Cheers.

Hey Mathieu! Sorry for my late reply, I was on a break:) I am checking out your concept and I'll be there to give feedback:)

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