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Airbnb doesn't sell you a room to stay, that is what the host does. Airbnb sells you trust which is achieved through a platform of social commenting where no-one is anonymous. Everyone is known, named and identified. Anonymity verses privacy is a massive debate of our time which online platforms are tackling in new ways. I DON't think we should launch a platform called '' to solve the problem set by this brief as only the aggrieved would sign up. Rather I would prefer to see open-source the code used by Airbnb and Hailo that make staying with hosts or taking cabs safer so that every platform can include high-end systems that protect their users which are all of us.

I came across this video below shared on social media which is a man wearing yoga pants who chases down any guy who stares at his butt. The video seeks to embarrass most of the men in the video. I thought of this challenge immediately asking what would happen if they were more pranks performed daily that aimed to create a behavioral change.


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James commented on Navigating Food Deserts

Having lived in multiple cities, I can defintely say that the environments I lived in and access to healthy food has played a massive influence on my diet and health at any given time.

Another TED Talk:


James commented on Dining Clubs

As above, mentioned the use of a noticeboard that would perform like which is merely an internet reference. Wasn't suggesting that this would be an internet-based idea, but one with a noticeboard, markers and paper.


James commented on Dining Clubs

if we take the amount of food available to refugees as unchanged, but simply
i) people can eat the existing amount of food given in isolation
ii) people can eat the existing amount of food given in disorganised groups
iii) people can eat the existing amount of food given in organised groups
iv) people can eat the existing amount of food given in organised groups with infrastructural support to amplify groups interested in learning.

This idea is a proposal of how to organise and opererate option iv) or rather to promote, encourage and assist the self-organisation of option iv).

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I really appreciate your "Dining Clubs" contribution that was awesome.


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