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This US$1 million initiative seeks to support innovative projects that respond to pressing and emergent needs across peace, prosperity and planet.

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Our world faces complex, interconnected challenges that cannot be solved in isolation.

Many of these issues are emerging and growing at a rate that requires immediate action to provide relief, restoration and reconciliation.

With this program, GHR—in collaboration with OpenIDEO—will seek out and invest in organizations developing solutions for the global good.

How Does It Work?

Submit Your Idea

Give us a simple version of your idea.


We'll give you tools to test your idea.

Receive Funding

Up to US$1 Million will be provided across the top ideas.

Partner with Us

GHR is looking for long-term partners to support and elevate.

Am I Eligible?

Challenge participants must be registered non-profit or for-profit organizations, consortiums, or coalitions, with a track record of designing and managing multi-phase projects in the country or community in which they plan to execute their idea.

While the foundation cannot accept submissions from individuals or government agencies, the initiative welcomes ideas that incorporate government partnerships.

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What Will I Win?

Select Top Ideas Will Receive:

A share of US$1 million will be awarded across the top ideas

In-person workshop with other top idea organizations

Ongoing partnership with GHR Foundation and potential connections to other funder networks

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How might we address urgent global challenges at the intersections of peace, prosperity, and planet in radically new ways?

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