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The Refinement phase has now concluded. We asked you to collaboratively strengthen our shortlisted ideas, helping them achieve even greater impact. Head over to the current phase to join our collaborative efforts. Read more about how this shortlist was chosen.

Contribution list

Work at StartupHostel. A hostel entirely run by young people for young people. Join or kick-off a start-up at your local hostel. Join or host a class. StartupHostel is both for the globetrotter and for the entrepreneur. Make it yours!

Rather than answering the question "what do you want to be?", purpose workshops help young people to articulate what they want their life to be about.

For young people who are in the middle of job seeking and may be suffering from isolation in front of their computers, YouthCafe is a bi-weekly meetup where young people in similar situations can get together and work on projects or share stories.

Learning should not occur in silos, and attention to detail across long, multi-dimensional projects is critical to the working world. In schools, students should be given year-long projects that they study using lenses from multiple disciplines.

An agency giving young people experience of the workplace by allowing teams of students work in industry for 2-3 months spending half their time on a competition of their choice, and the other half on work set by the host company.

Young people are taught by educators not employers, so the employers must be specific about what they mean by communication and self management skills. An open-source skills taxonomy will set the foundation of understanding between all parties

A multi-tiered on-line service focused on allowing employers to identify the skills that they most want and then for students to acquire and showcase those skills to employers.

A online area where skills like Powerpoint, Excel, and any others that we can think of are taught in various forms. Print versions, Videos, Interactive do as you go lessons. It would really help fill the gaps in higher education.

SUBBY is a mobile application which contextually connects qualified graduates/youth with eager employers through the use of job criteria, geo-location and qualification matching with incentive on both sides to participate.

An hour is an hour is an hour, regardless of whose time it is. Why not apply time banking to work experience internships? Young people can give their time helping at the workplace, while professionals give theirs too.