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What global challenge do you think innovation leaders should work to solve right now?

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Early in 2011 a group of global innovation leaders – known as the i20 – will meet for a global innovation summit. They are the principal drivers of national innovation strategies across thirty countries. You can influence their summit agenda. OpenIDEO contributions will be used to help determine priorities and directions for the conference.

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Have you ever wanted to tell global leaders what you consider to be the most important issues facing the world today? This is your chance. On January 13 and 14, 2011, the Institute for Large Scale Innovation will host its i20 community at a summit that will gather seventy top national innovation leaders whose common goal is to address large-scale global challenges. The ILSI invites the OpenIDEO community to help set the i20 agenda by suggesting which challenges are most in need of innovative solutions. 



What global challenge do you think innovation leaders should work to right now?


In this OpenIDEO challenge, we aim to understand two things:

1. Inspiration. What are the most interesting or innovative things that are going on where you live?

2. Concept. What do you think the i20 global leaders should be talking about? In other words, what would you like to see on their agenda?

Although citizens of many countries can appeal to their own publicly elected officials, people rarely get to help shape the global conversation, particularly at a forum of world leaders. This OpenIDEO challenge and the i20 summit mark one of those rare opportunities to speak your mind — and be heard — on the important issues of today.

The i20 summit is being hosted by the Institute for Large Scale Innovation (ILSI), founded by John Kao. Learn more about John and ILSI here.


What’s the detail and the opportunity?


Formed in 2009, the i20 group consists of some 35 'chief innovation officers' from different nations who demonstrate leadership in innovation. Its members hold positions of power from which they can drive their respective countries’ development over time. They strive to identify and address some of the grand challenges faced by civil society worldwide.


The January 2011 summit marks the first time that these innovation principals will convene to design a global agenda for innovation. The summit’s overall goals are to:


· Create a common, relevant framework for addressing global 'grand challenges'

· Align US and global agendas on how to foster engagement

· Sponsor global challenges by offering prizes, incentives and novel funding methods

· Introduce the i20 to the US government innovation community and vice versa 

· Outline specific ongoing goals and strategies

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Hi community!

I totally connect with what Antonio Pipaon was proposing. I think one of the biggest issues the whole world has to face nowadays, and in the future, is where we are taking our world. What we are making with it.

We can combine two main problems. The one Antonio is talking about, the waste we produce, and the use we are making of the natural and no renewable resources. So, what about using natural and renewable resources for making electricity?

Some companies are starting to do it, but it´s still not known. Why not to try to make the idea grow, get bigger and apply it?

Here I let some links to a business that makes energy out of fish trash. Interesting!


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