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The Refinement phase has now concluded. We asked you to collaboratively strengthen our shortlisted ideas, helping them achieve even greater impact. Head over to the current phase to join our collaborative efforts.

Contribution list

Instead of wearing jeans for Casual Friday, ask employees to wear their workout clothes. Load the day with a morning yoga class in the conference room, a salad-style potluck, and at least one walking meeting to bring happiness and health to work.

Let's enrol organisations in a fitness challenge to climb the equivalent height of Mt. Everest (and other similar challenges), a total of 58,070 steps, by walking, running, biking, taking the stairs. Also, add a competitive &/or fundraising element.

A work station where you can walk, cycle and exercise while using your computer (and other tasks) -- Coming soon in one of the upcoming prototype storefronts for made in Lower East Side!

Balance leave entitlements to be ‘sick’ by also offering employees ‘health leave’: time out to benefit the body and soul – health or meditation retreats, time to detox, take a hike, get that medical - leave that inspires health and wellbeing.

We all have a lot of things to juggle in life- family, friends, career; our health. And everything has its balance and it’s when we have too much of one thing and not enough of another that it really takes its toll on our state of well-being.

Inspired by SecretCinema, a SecretGym brings together people for a secret, health-related adventure. Whether its rock climbing or running in the Olympic Park, participants get a taste of new physical activity in a fun and surprising way. UPDATED!

Anonymised information giving you perspective on “how do I compare with my peers/ neighbours/ colleagues’? This information gives insight into common health concerns, exercise tips. Bupa could own this calculation, much like Nike have branded Fuel.

Encourage Londoners to take the stairs on the underground by installing oyster card readers at the top & bottom of each station's flight of stairs. Allowing commuters to record the number of steps they've climbed & descended! Also possible in offices