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In Concepting we took everything we learned during the Inspiration phase and used those insights to develop our own creative ideas to address the challenge question. Concepting has now ended. Head over to our other phases to join in!

Contribution list

Founders have many problems, finding press, finding financing, finding a team. One problem non-business trained founders have is understanding the scene, the jargon and the language. For that we have created Founders Dictionary.

Budgeting a project is one of the must-do’s before negotiating with investors or applying to external funds. Start-up Wallet is an online tool for web entrepreneurs to estimate what it takes to turn their idea into a --> proof of concept.

The 'Startup Libraries' provide workplaces, supportive tools and information, and a social environment for startups that are in need of such infrastructure, by leveraging the existing network and facilities of public libraries.

BIG IT firms offer you their engineering resources to bring your web business idea to life! Pitch your idea to Big IT rock-star employees. If they love your idea, they will conceive your web product and partner with you to launch your web startup.

entrepreneur-loans is the idea of re-appropriating the existing student loan infrastructure for start-ups - to make it easier for them to get to capital especially in the tough beginning years.

It´s about encouraging the young (15–19) to build a sustainable future in their “neighbourhood” using the Internet and thereby engaging others.

A NEW type of incubator where designers, entrepreneurs, and developers WITHOUT IDEAS could come together to discover what the INDUSTRY NEEDS and what the MARKET WANTS, so that they could develop SUCCESSFUL & PROFITABLE technology.

innovationSpace is a two in one system - half café half shared office. Offering aspiring entrepreneurs flexible work hours and a community of like-minded individuals and their knowledge.

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