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During Evaluation we considered our shortlisted concepts according to factors like viability and potential for impact.  293 evaluations were submitted by our community!

Contribution list

Vans equipped with electronic voting machines could make scheduled stops at hospitals and rehab centers allowing people with disabilities to conveniently participate in the voting process.

23 evaluations so far

Mobile devices and apps enable different processes of voting using their multiple ways of input and output. But how can a poll clerk decide which method fits who?

19 evaluations so far

Using the existing and ubiquitous ATM network, voters are identified (bank card pin + national identification number to ensure uniquness). Can vote directly or print a securely coded ballot to send or hand-in in person. ATMs are disabled friendly.

29 evaluations so far

Similar to the priority seats in public transport or the priority boarding at airports for elderly and families - there should be a priority queue for voting. It should be for people with disabilities and other limitations.

15 evaluations so far

Use ticketing to reserve a voters place in the queue. After that voters no longer need to remain "in line" but can find a more comfortable way to await their turn to collect a ballot and vote. Special needs voters can be accommodated too.

10 evaluations so far

Organise car/bus-pools to take people from communities to their voting stations. Additionally, use text messaging or microblogging to help organise these at short notice.

13 evaluations so far

Make it easy for voters to mark their ballot anywhere, then bring them to the polling place to cast them. Why not make it easy to get a copy of the ballot and mark it anywhere (in any method), then come to the polling place to cast the ballot

15 evaluations so far

For many individuals, even getting to a polling place is out of the question. This post outlines a concept of an iPad running custom voting software that will allow flexible absentee voting in places such as hospitals.

13 evaluations so far

Given the wide nature of accessibility to the Internet these days, online balloting would make it easy for all voters to access their specific ballot style without the concern of transmitting votes through the web.

18 evaluations so far

Which ballot would you choose if you had EZ or Quick ballot? This ballot structure of the EZ ballot works same way for all outputs regardless of modality.

14 evaluations so far

A polling station map that shows which station can be easily accessed by people in wheelchairs and also shows with which voting mechanisms a station is equipped. Creating awareness and giving information on billboards, sport events, malls, lobbies.

11 evaluations so far