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In Concepting we took everything we learned during the Inspiration phase and used those insights to develop our own creative and innovative ideas to address the challenge question. For more on the phase, check our Tips for Concepting – then head to our current phase to join in!

Contribution list

Rent out unused storefronts on a daily or weekly basis for pop-up art, impromptu food festivals, and music jam sessions.Modeled after ZipCar, ZipSpaces allows organizations with low capital to use space easily, making the area a haven for start ups.

So you've got a brilliant idea to activate that vacant lot down the street. If you want to bring your idea to fruition, you now have to contain what in many cases is a Pandora's Box of zoning codes, policies, and regulations that stand in your way.

Detroit's ~100K vacant lots are a reinvention opportunity. Could some be salvaged for community centers; others cleared for urban farming; & old building materials reused for furniture? Could "Reclaimed in Detroit" become a mark of Motor City pride?

Dialogue Booster is a project with 15 local people That will come and play for change in their community. The team leaders will guide them thru the different phases of this 4D project where they dig deeper into the city's core and people!

Using abandoned space, host a regular weekend Barter Market. No currency is allowed, only creativity. Trade your unused stuff with neighbors, trade acts of service (e.g. paint a fence, guitar lessons), trade stories, trade your own artwork, etc.

While a city’s visual landscape may indicate economic decline, vibrancy and life can be found in the stories beneath the surface. My concept is to dig out these stories and share them with locals and visitors alike in a monthly Treasure Hunt.

Walking cities are vibrant cities. And, to many of us, the reverse rings true also - having to get in your car or even motorcycle disconnects you from your fellow citizens. We crave human-to-human interaction - it's how we're wired - so let's make a concerted effort to keep us on our feet by maintaining and re-building pedestrian friendly cities.

So many products and services are not made here so buying locally helps you connect with others invested in supporting local economies. This is not only beneficial to communities, but is personally rewarding and a rapidly growing lifestyle choice.

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