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Our Ideas phase has concluded. We took everything we learned during the Inspiration phase and used those insights to develop our own creative ideas to address the challenge question. Check out the fresh thinking and head over to the current phase to join our collaborative efforts.

Contribution list

A radio channel made of ‘spoken tweets’ - short voice messages. Anyone can call a free-number - record a message and it'll be played on the People’s Radio. Citizens will be able to hear what's occurring in neighbouring communities and data gathered

What if we can enable people who live in hard-to-access areas to gather and send information, by giving them the information and tools to do so before violence erupts? Building on several inspirations and ideas, Enabler Cards explore that question.

The devastating consequences of rape--HIV, STDs and unwanted pregnancy--are preventable with inexpensive medications. Tracking these life-saving medications gives early, anonymous and geographic data about where mass sexual violence is occurring.

Using friends and family members from diasporas all around the world to gather information on first signs of mass violence and light the bat signal on behalf of their loved ones back home.

The Beacon is an SMS based community alert and messaging system. Participants check in to The Beacon daily. If they fail to check in friends and family are alerted; if many people stop checking in suddenly, alerts are sent out to members nearby.

For millennia traders and merchants have carried information between towns. The same can be done in a formalized way that also encourages commerce. Enlist people who naturally travel between villages for business to report what they hear.

Quadcopters are capable of patrolling large areas, and they can easily carry cameras that can observe trouble areas and record warning signs and messages.

“The Self-Administered Interview (SAI) tool has been scientifically proven to preserve and protect eyewitness memory by eliciting a detailed recall account at the scene of an incident or soon after.”

An on-the-ground tool for civilians/communities experiencing atrocity crimes to report anonymously while provide location-specific information and the type of crimes being committed.

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