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Evaluation on the Impact Challenge is now closed. Check back on September 8 for the announcement of winners! See the video below and read more about how we developed our Top 20 shortlist. Whether new to OpenIDEO or a seasoned contributor – everyone was welcome to jump in and evaluate.

Getting Started:

Tips + Tricks for Evaluation
It's time to start evaluating! To help you get started, Nathan and Sandy from OpenIDEO and our Impact Challenge Advisory Panel have put together a short video outlining some helpful advice for the phase. Check it out!

Contribution list

An open volunteer-based project to translate OpenIDEO and take it beyond the English speaking world. (UPDATED!)

30 evaluations so far

At OpenIDEO Collaboratories we: 1 come together socialise & collaborate on OpenIDEO concepts 2 dev skills & knowledge to be more effective social innovators & entrepreneurs 3 dev collaborative partnerships 4 collectively address issues that matter

41 evaluations so far

The Small Act of Goodness website each morning sends an e-mail to subscribers, giving them a small, fun task to implement, which will make people smile

26 evaluations so far

Imagine an easy-to-use app that we can use to jot down our bursts of inspiration and quickly share it with those in our network. Enter the Open IDEO app

26 evaluations so far

A designated day (maybe even 2 or more per year) where all over the world people are encouraged to realize some of the concepts of (recently) completed challenges.

21 evaluations so far

A series of co-ordinated POP-UP Galleries (temporary structures/shacks) that pop up throughout a certain period across the world in different cities and focus on the same challenge.

18 evaluations so far

Inspired by sparked's excellent method of getting new users started, why not have openIDEO have a way to help new users relate their talents to previous openIDEO challenges, concepts, and inspirations?

24 evaluations so far

Boucing off of Vincent's "Taking Realization Phase to the Next Level", OpenREALISATION is a new structured realisation page allowing Sponsors, OpenIDEO and especially OpenIDEATORS to share their individual/collective implementation efforts. (UPDATED!)

19 evaluations so far

Having Open Source concepts as a result of challenges, for anyone to use to create positive social impact, is great. But apart from doers having to be able to find this wonderful repository we created the past year, we should also make it easy for them to see how it will look financially. Can we not add a sub-phase, or incorporate in late-stage concepting phase, a way to include budget and estimated financial prognosis for concepts?

17 evaluations so far

OpenIDEO Ambassadors is a unique groups of individual and /or institutions that are deeply committed to making social impact. The Ambassadors will help to 1) build awareness about OpenIDEO in order to further expand and deepen its reach and impact; 2) Increase participation in the challenges, and 3) help foster local-community based relationships between OpenIDEATORs.

21 evaluations so far

Take the winning concepts to realization. OpenIDEO Matchmaking Night is where action begins! After the announcement of winning concepts of a challenge, the OpenIDEO Matchmaking Night will serve as an kick-off even to the realization phase. This can be organized locally in various cities by OpenIDEO Local Chapter ( / OpenIDEO Ambassadors ( / Challenge sponsors, etc. The event can start off with a "Pecha Kucha" style 3min presentation of the winning concepts by OpenIDEO Ambassadors, with an audience of individuals / entrepreneurs and potential sponsors, they could then sign up to interested concepts, or go over and mingle in a music and fun-filled environment! With a pool of interested sponsors and individuals around the globe in different cities signed up, something magical is bound to happen evolving around specific winning concepts. Let the matchmaking begins!

19 evaluations so far