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Cheers for all your applause! The winning concepts have been announced – head over and check them out .

Contribution list

At OpenIDEO Collaboratories we: 1 come together socialise & collaborate on OpenIDEO concepts 2 dev skills & knowledge to be more effective social innovators & entrepreneurs 3 dev collaborative partnerships 4 collectively address issues that matter

Imagine an easy-to-use app that we can use to jot down our bursts of inspiration and quickly share it with those in our network. Enter the Open IDEO app

A designated day (maybe even 2 or more per year) where all over the world people are encouraged to realize some of the concepts of (recently) completed challenges.

How About the First day of Conceptualizing, an Idea Strikes you, and "YOU" Passionately pick up a colorful crayon from the right corner and Start Doodling or Mind Mapping on the Screen i.e on the OPEN IDEO website itself, and on the very second "YOU" get a space write below it to explain your concept, Finally "YOU" press the PUBLISH button... SOoOo much FUN it will be, in instantly generating your idea

Inspired by sparked's excellent method of getting new users started, why not have openIDEO have a way to help new users relate their talents to previous openIDEO challenges, concepts, and inspirations?

How many amazing ideas & concepts get thrown away or feel like they don't get enough attention? Be it after they are published on this platform, or when you are walking down the street and see something that you really want to change, but you never did anything about it? Well, this concept offers the opportunity to recycle past concepts and eventually, turn them into reality with the help of your community.

Boucing off of Vincent's "Taking Realization Phase to the Next Level", OpenREALISATION is a new structured realisation page allowing Sponsors, OpenIDEO and especially OpenIDEATORS to share their individual/collective implementation efforts. (UPDATED!)

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