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Winners Announced

We’re thrilled to announce the Winning Concepts for our Bone Marrow Donation Challenge! Congratulations to our Top 10 and thank you to the entire Community for your incredible work.

With 25 amazing Final Concepts to choose from, the Evaluation phase was packed with your insightful feedback – clearly you took your evaluative duties very seriously! After reading through all of your ratings and comments, the OpenIDEO, Haas Center and 100K Cheeks team had our work cut out for us. But we couldn’t be happier with this set of winning ideas.

And stay tuned: in the next few weeks we’ll be launching a new challenge phase called Realisation, which will enable the students of 100K Cheeks to share their implementation progress with the entire OpenIDEO community.

In the meantime, check out our 10 Winning Concepts below. Who knows – you might even be inspired to try one of them out in your own community!

Congratulations to all our contributors!

Contribution list

A mobile application to help groups organize bone marrow registry drives. A fast, accessible, one touch to join application that connects users to existing bone marrow drives and gives them the opportunity to organize a drive and invite others to join. People are more likely to participate in a bone marrow drive if there is a face attached to the cause and if there is an organized group event where friends, co-workers and team members can encourage each other.

Hate waiting forever at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)? What if, when you are filling out your car registration or driver's license application(which often includes opt-in or mandated choice questions for organ donor & voter registration), you are also asked whether you want to do a cheek swab on the spot to register as a bone marrow donor? If you do, you’d get a cool bones badge on your driver’s license (next to the heart showing you’re an organ donor), keychain, license plate, or bumper sticker to spread awareness (and perhaps swaying the nice officer who pulls you over for a traffic violation to let you off with a warning), but you also get put to the front of the line.

This concept combines with the Interactive map of registered donors. Please see or click the colourful US map under 'Built on this' and give comment and feedback there. Convincing people to register as a donor is one thing, but then finding the right place near you is the next. This concept is to globally centralize location data for donor centers, national registries, donor drives and other information on a central site.

Dentists could register their patients to become bone marrow donors during appointments. Many people may fear sitting in the dentist's chair, but they could feel better if they felt they were helping others.

We all know donating bone marrows saves lives, simple as that. No spiritual leaders and faith organizations can deny the importance of a great cause such as saving lives. How can we provide the right resources to spiritual leaders and faith organizations who often have great influence over their congregation, so they can can effectively partner with bone marrow agencies to increase the bone marrow registries?

The bone marrow donation process isn’t the same as it used to be. The vastly superior technology has been updated, as has the procedure … but we’ve left the brand in past, where images of large hollow needles, long recoveries, and intense pain circulate. Let’s start fresh! We need to educate people - this isn’t your mama’s bone marrow donation process.

Launching an education campaign in schools focusing the kids may be a good way of discussing the bone marrow donation process with transparency, to get the right information to the parents and prevent some barriers to appear.

People meet to have Tupperware parties at their homes, where the host supplies food and drinks and presents the new Tupperware products. Why shouldn´t we apply this principle to a good cause like having a "Swap party" where people come together to inform themselves and get registered among friends in a nice atmosphere.

South Asians have a particularly difficult time finding a match with low numbers of registered donors. But they are crazy about cricket in South Asia (India, Paklstan and Srilanka.) Cricket star based ads sell here. Let's spread awareness and motivate with cricket stars like Sachin Tendulkar.