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Winning Ideas

 The long-awaited winners are here!

With your help, we amassed 274 inspirations and 109 amazing concepts! After narrowing the list to 40 final concepts, we were able to identify 10 most applauded and 10 favorites chosen by IDEO and challenge sponsor Grey Matters Capital, thanks entirely to your votes, comments and applauds. See below for the chosen concepts or download the catalogue we've compiled from the challenge.

What does Grey Matters Capital think of your ideas?
They’re THRILLED with the outcome! GMC starred their favorites, so you can see which they particularly admire for their creativity and potential for real-world application.

“Using games and tools to teach, using shared resources, simplifying content, mobile learning and resources… These are the ways that we need to innovate to deliver low cost solutions. When it comes from a smart crowd like this it really helps to add momentum and new inspiration to people struggling to find new ways to improve the situation. The ideas generated on OpenIDEO can become guidelines for entrepreneurs on the ground in India and other parts of the world.” 
Gray Matters Capital

What now?
Now is the time for action. GMC will take the top concepts to the Enterprising Schools Symposium  in Hyderabad, India on October 27, and share them with APS schools, service providers, financers, and donors from around the world.  GMC is putting the OpenIDEO community’s great ideas in the hands of the people on the ground in India, as well as thought leaders from almost every continent, who can make these inspiring solutions a reality. After the conference, we promise to share their feedback. We’ve also created a downloadable catalog of the final concepts that we’re calling Steal This Idea!. Download it here.


Thank you all for your collective brainpower!

Congratulations to all our contributors!

Contribution list

Encouraging children towards creative play and active learning – mural-blackboard mash-ups provide an engaging site for customisation.

The Mobile Learner makes it easy for students & teachers to create, share, & interact with educational content like books, tutorials, flashcards, & quizzes. The Mobile Learner consists of a re-purposed mobile phone loaded with a free educational software bundle. Content sharing occurs through an online repository (accessible through the cellular network & the Internet), or directly between phones (through memory cards or Bluetooth).

As a model for one of the ways schools could help kids learn English, there could be a service that centralizes expertise in English language teaching and learning that schools could connect to through the internet.

An online community that promotes real-life connections between APS teachers, their community and the wider community. A service that provides tangible and targeted response to need. Yes, yes, I know, computers, electricity, internet connections = problem, but just hear me out :-)

What if newspaper organizations used their skills of content collection and low-cost distribution to publish daily or weekly curriculum for teachers?