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Our Concepting phase has concluded. We took everything we learned during the Research phase and used those insights to develop our own creative ideas to address the challenge question. Check out the fresh thinking and head over to the current phase to join our collaborative efforts.

Contribution list

A Vegetable Circus stage show uses movement arts and circus skills to teach children about healthy eating and living. The performers are cool role models who visibly demonstrate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, while keeping the audience captivated with their skills. We would start with a revamped stage show that tours underprivileged elementary schools across the country. Along the way, we can recruit and train new talent to lead shows and after-school programming, through which we can integrate many of the other most important concepts presented here on OpenIDEO. This concept not only promotes healthy eating and food knowledge, but also thinking for one's self, anti-peer pressure and bullying, healthy activities, physical fitness, and trying new things, while including the parents in the process.

Interactive vending machine used to inform, educate and entertain. The thought process is not to replace sugar-laden vending machines, but place it next to them to help children make their own choice while learning about nutrition and where food actually comes from.

The idea is to teach kids about the importance of fresh and healthy foods by a clear connection to their heroes. Everyone has a hero whether it’s Superman or Neil Armstrong. The idea also involves the parents but the key here is to let the kids take the first step since they are easier to reach. The goal is to create a positive spiral among student and parents in understanding the importance of fresh and healthy food.

Create a student run farmer's market within high schools. This can be organized as part of a economics club or perhaps a completely separate club. The idea is that a set of students (led by a teacher/sponsor) will be responsible for creating a farmer's market (on school property during the school week and potentially off school property on weekends). Students will be responsible for: - Sourcing produce from local farmers - Learning about each product they sell - Selling fresh produce at their schools "Farmer's Market"

Parents drag kids through the produce aisle as they enter the grocery store. So why not use the opportunity to show kids the connection between some of their favorite book and cartoon characters and the healthy vegetables that inspired them?

We all know: School food service sucks. Kids don't get enough time outside. Families don't cook. Basic kitchen AND farming skills are being lost in a single generation. A problem? Yes. But not one without a beautifully integrated solution: Seed to Tray Education. In plain English: put kids in charge of their own school lunch!

Tattoos and markers will help encourage young children to eat more fresh foods in two ways: 1) EDUCATE PARENTS. Markers will indicate healthy food pairings and recipe suggestions (cucumbers and yogurt, carrots and hummus, tomatoes and cheese, etc). 2) EXCITE CHILDREN. Once parents have more knowledge and ideas as to what healthy snacks may be, they can buy tattoos so their children can customize their fresh foods making them more fun to eat.

Get social influence inside the house with 'Taste and rate'. Every time you taste new (healthy) food as a child you can add it at your 'taste collection' and indicate if you liked it. The more you collect and the more you like, the more points you get. With a certain amount of points they can get a free mysterious product at the supermarket. The height of ranking and amount of free mysterious products, will be compared with friends and stimulate to eat more varied, healthy and to taste more.

Carrot Producers have invested $25 million in launching a multi-faceted campaign to promote baby carrots vs junk food including convenient packaging, vending machines, scarrots (for Halloween), a video game, social media, & tv ads. Check out the attached videos & website:

Carrot Producers have invested $25 million in launching a multi-faceted campaign to promote baby carrots vs junk food including convenient packaging, vending machines, scarrots (for Halloween), a video game, social media, & tv ads. Check out the attached videos & website:

Last class of the day would bring cooking curriculum back into schools and solve an age old daily question 'WHAT'S FOR DINNER?'. Kids would cook a tasty meal with enough servings to feed their family and bring it home for dinner! This addresses several opportunity areas: (read more in description)

The creation and cultivation of the baseball diamond, the football field, basketball court and track & field arena were all essential in the development and massive proliferation of their respective sports, industries, economies and cultures. Today they are dominant in our public landscape both physically and culturally...By creating a similar standard paradigm for agriculture+ horticulture within public space and schools in America we address Jamie Oliver’s challenge by integrating children’s physical, intellectual, and nutritional education on this new “playing field”; by laying the grounds for a universal proliferation similar to mainstream sports; and most importantly –concurrently restoring the lost links between what goes into food, where it comes from, and the children we feed.

The Vegetable Circus currently exists on both coasts of the United States, using circus arts to teach kids about proper eating, healthy activities & more through stage shows, workshops and after-school programs. With the help of Jamie Oliver and his production company, Fresh One, we propose that together we create a Vegetable Circus television program, that would include all our messages into a fun format that can quickly and effectively reach the masses.

An app centered on the life of a virtual character that needs to eat healthier, in order play better. Kids (and their parents) will help the character make the correct food choices, whilst learning to understand and engage with the benefits of fresh food. The idea is to have the character living an ongoing life that involves selecting the fresh foods at meal time, preparing it, eating and playing games. The aim is to select the correct food, by developing an understanding of their nutritional benefits that will help the character compete better in playing the next round of games.

In the same way that we digest our food better if we are mindful of it, touch it and smell it before we eat it, for children, cultivating their food as part of playtime raises in them the awareness of the food that they eat and of their health. In Pillpa we promote education through motivation and full participation.

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