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The Evaluation phase has now concluded. We asked you to consider our shortlisted concepts according to factors like viability and potential for impact to help our challenge team select the Winning Concepts239 evaluations submitted!

Contribution list

Where innovation gives electronics a second chance. A community of innovators, perpetually-funded by the successes of projects, reinvents what it means to recycle electronics.

9 evaluations so far

How many people in your town, including you, know about e-cycling? Why is there a lack of awareness when the increasing amount of e-waste is a serious problem throughout the world? The E-Cycle Truck aims to educate and facilitate e-cycling!

17 evaluations so far

"(e)waste not" is a booth at farmers' markets where people can learn about the hazards of e-waste and electronics production, how to responsibly dispose of their electronics, and how to reuse, repair or repurpose them.

10 evaluations so far

Encouraging companies who create electronics take it back and take responsibility for zero waste manufacturing. This would give them reusable materials and opportunity to innovate on not only products, but services.

11 evaluations so far

This box is designed for a drop-off for cords and chargers and to be placed in local stores and shops. People can bring in their chargers for their old phones or cords that they no longer need to drop them off at the box for others who may need them.

19 evaluations so far

A service that allows the average joe to be able to go in the nearest coffee shop or local watering hole and get advice on their computer or electronic updates, so they don't have to buy new and can fix their electronics.

13 evaluations so far

At the end of a mobile phone's (first) life a data transfer and elimination service will encourage users to hand in their old phones to be re-used, re-furbished or re-cycled without having to worry that personal data is either lost or misused.

12 evaluations so far