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Congratulations to the Top 20 logo concepts! These represents the 10 most applauded plus our committee's picks.

In this phase we asked these authors to further refine their designs and submit them for evaluation by the community. The community could comment and help provide suggestions to improve the concepts during this phase.

Contribution list

Logo consists of current challenge’s inspiration/concepts visuals. It builds up with a particle-like animation on page_loaded and then constantly cycles through the letters O, P, E, N. On Mouse_over = zoom in, clickable. In the static (print, no flash/javascript enabled browser) version, 'OPEN' is completely visible, with the IDEO logo color changing accordingly to the general mood of the generated visuals. (could be generated new on every page load)

When colours are mixed, magic happens. What happens when ideas and collaboration are overlayed? The 'o' s are like little peepholes. There's sound on the vimeo.

Refining the prototype, here are the two open views from the Open IDEO logo. The first one reflects the internal design community, showcasing the interaction and energy of IDEO. The second one is a view to the different parts of the world, inspired! if you are interested, please send me small video clips or animation, I can help you to upload this to the Open IDEO logo. -- It is a quick test. i can imagine within each letter, we can see a different view of the world. live feed.

This is the way I see OPEN IDEO being shaped by many particles that give the shape to what it will become.

This logo uses the DQ behind the "o" from IDEO. This DQ is dynamic and changes with each user when they sign in, giving a dynamic logo. The "pen" text also changes colour depending on the user. By using the "o" from IDEO, the logo could one day live with out the text with just a simple coloured circle as its logo.

Using an infinity symbol to create the P and the D of the words. Connotes the infinite possibilities of the site, hopefully with a simple typographic solution.

Images are pulled at random from user generated database. The configuration of images and logotype change based on browser refresh, time or both.

To replace the word 'open ideo' with the action of opening. The images can represent the challenge, e.g.: fresh veges for Jamie Oliver's challenge.