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Our Inspiration phase has concluded – cheers for all of your insights, examples, stories and comments. Check out the goodness and head over to the current phase to join our collaborative efforts. 

Contribution list

Sound branding (also known as audio branding, sonic branding, acoustic branding or sonic mnemonics) is the use of sound to reinforce brand identity. Sound branding is increasingly becoming a vehicle for conveying a memorable message to targeted consumers, taking advantage of the powerful memory sense of sound.

The logo does a good job of visualising what wikipedia (basically a crowd-sourced encyclopedia) is all about

I really like the way this feels like it's moving, the handmade vs computer generated nature. It looks like it could grow and change.

I found this in last month's Wired mag - I loved the low fidelity of the sketches - it reminded me of Os Gemeos Brasilian street art

An animation showing the invasion of pixels. The landscape is used in the pixel's culture context, not the other way round. Eventually New York City and the whole planet is taken over by digital creatures and their form of squared life. The action starts slowly, but watch it till the end! Very well done.

I saw this on Katja's photobase - I loved the humanness of it and the potential to have it move. I thought this and Paul B's Issey one could be an interesting combo.

This image is by Dr. Nicholas Christakis and comes from the Framingham heart study and shows the connections between people and how they behave. In this case how obese they are. Could the logo be a visualization of the OPEN IDEO network that shows how people are linked and what behavior that creates?

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