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Our Concepting phase has concluded. We took everything we learned during the Inspiration phase and used those insights to develop our own creative ideas to address the challenge question. Check out the fresh thinking and head over to the current phase to join our collaborative efforts.

Contribution list

Crowdsource "audio books" in a library for enhanced reality! Volunteers upload their stories/soundscapes. Geo-tag the starting point of each story to GPS-coordinates. Listeners download the Mp3 at home, travel to the starting point and press play!

Turn the energy consumption and recycling data that is currently only used by planners into an open source live commentary on our environments. Promote competitions and prizes for the towns, developments, blocks and individuals that contribute most.

Helping individuals and small businesses reduce the cost of maintaining the places in which they live, work, and play. Tool libraries offer hundreds of hand and power tools for landscaping, home repair, and automobile maintenance.

Imagine you are walking down the avenue and suddenly a huge crowd carrying mops and brooms start mopping and sweeping the side walk, picking-up garbage from the floor, and cleaning up gardens and public spaces.

A digital archive which hosts a series of stories fed by citizens to share and sustain local history. This social space would host user generated content but also mediate real time action by facilitating a series of meet up's / social events.

Transform restaurants into weekly dining halls with meal plans for local residents. Over regular meals, neighbors will build community at themed Social Tables and collaboratively address issues at Challenge Tables.

How do you see the world around you and what do you imagine it could become? The core concept of trace is drawing on top of an image of our environment. It's a quick and fun way to visualize a new reality and to communicate ideas with others.

Community Recycling Centers in each town would be managed by the residents or Town Councils, and serve as a community space and platform where residents can come together to learn and participate in reducing, reusing and recycling waste materials.

A ride sharing program for commuters built on a community-driven platform, complete with personal profiles, verification systems, and user reviews. The goal is to reduce pollution while saving money, and getting to know your fellow community members. (or We Are Singapore) is an active online community to share stories on improving the Singapore environment, but also to inspire and generate ideas on how to make Singapore even better.

Utilizing peoples commute time to inspire & create a space where people contribute to creating a better local environment. Each train has one car designated to the “collaborative commute” which brings people together to contribute to a daily task.

Close a city's main street to traffic on Sundays. A congested sea of vehicles transforms into a welcoming community park for bikers, walkers and runners alike.

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