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The Inspiration phase has ended, but there's plenty more to collaborate on! Check out the other challenge phases as we design technology ideas to support human rights in the face of unlawful detention.

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A system for political activists & people that are at risk of unlawful arrest that triggers an alert when someone doesn't check into it. An alert is sent to Amnesty international / Family / Friends.

I took a self-defense class a few years ago, and in between all the training rounds, one idea really stuck with me.

My story is not nearly as life-altering, but I think it might still be able to lend some insights to the project. I've been searching for a job for two months, and the fact that I haven't got a formal interview makes me feel powerless...

It's easy to jump to new technologies, but what if the best technology for this situation is not new? The advantages: simplicity and easy adoption.

Many medical devices exist, either in pendant form, bracelet, or subcutaneous (below the skin) that provide tracking and monitoring to emergency services and loved ones. These devices are particularly useful for people at risk and living alone.

Bribespot is a mobile app with which people can easily, and anonymously, report instances where they are asked for a bribe. Not only is it a way to make corruption visible, it is also a way to share stories and show the effect of corruption.

Pros at drawing media attention to social issues, Banksy or other artists such as JR, address social and political issues to build awareness on a large scale.

Tattoo electronics is a new form of wireless technology that can be integrated on skin and body basically as a tattoo. It can monitor health as well as being a GPS device.

This is a great movie where there are detainees and detainers, there are unlawful detentions and some of the detainees disappear under custody. There are humans and non-humans and non-humans are the ones that suffer!

Google person finder tool (a multi lingual tool) has been used by Google to share and gather information about those missing after disaster happened in Japan.

We attended a workshop today, where we came across a project called, "Ghana ThinkTank".Projects like this one, could help in educating people about human rights and finding solutions to problems like unlawful detention.

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