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Concepting has ended, but our collaborative efforts aren't over. Check out the other challenge phases as we design technology solutions to support human rights.

Contribution list

For the family members (particularly the wives) of the unlawfully detained, one of the hardest parts of detainment is the loss of a confidante. How can we use technology to develop an emotional network of support for them?

Around the world, from the Arab Spring to Chinese Anti-Corruption Campaigns to African Crisis Mapping to Occupy Wall Street, people are using mobile phones & online social networks/media to become activists & communicate important information.

'Take Action on Google' utilizes the Google Map open source API technology ( to create an interactive platform, bringing victims, supporters and the general public together into an online visual environment

Inspired by finding low-tech solutions to issues of the unlawfully detained, this universal symbol could be used by detainees as a cry for help. This symbol would be flashed, Morse-d, carved or dropped in a bottle as a crumb of detainment...or worn as Shift Freedom Glasses!! It could also serve (in the spirit of Banksy) as a tag on locations of detainment.

As evidenced by many of the concepts submitted so far, video is a medium that is at the intersection of words, image, and life. What if we could use video to spread the stories and voice of detainees in a safe and anonymous way? Through MY VOICE we could connect protestors and detainees to a global community in an impactful, engaging way.

To celebrate this years International Human Rights Day, let's all switch our profile pictures on social networks with one of ourselves with the 'Shift Freedom' glasses. Calling all human rights defenders to keep their eyes open for any suspicious activities in their local communities, while also raising the awareness of unlawful detention, and the fight for ending discrimination world wide.

Each country is different and families and friends of detainees need to have advice that is relevant to them in their countries. In some countries it may endanger a detainee if a large public awareness campaign is launched; on the other hand in other places it can make a difference. Let's create a site with a wiki system with advice that pertains to each locale so that friends and family can know how best to act to protect their loved ones.

There can be no one solution to help a detained person. Why not a network to provide effective solutions that are customized to meet their specific needs in real-time? We also need to keep the information secure to prevent backlash of technology by completely owning it. This is built from the first "Open IDEO student chapter @ NYU Poly" meeting ever!

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