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Third Generation Humanitarian Aid [AINA]

Empowering the people of Afghanistan through media training centers.
AINA a non-profit started by National Geographic photographer Reza, uses “third generation humanitarian aid” to empower the people of Afghanistan through media training centers. The concept of "third generation humanitarian aid" is to go a step beyond helping in a time of need/disaster and leaving when it is over (ie. doctors and nurses), but to give citizens the proper training they need to carry-on work after aid[workers] leaves. These centers not only strive to empower free and independent speech through classes in journalism, multimedia, audiovisual, photography and graphics, but also work as tools for education, especially targeted at women and children through the content (magazines, radio programs, films) created and distributed.

You can read more about Parvaz, their magazine for children here:

Aschiana is one of the training centers

As a further step in collaboration, in the spring of 2010, AINA teamed up with students from the American University of Paris for a marketing strategy competition in search of creative solutions to help fund their programming and continue their mission. This collaboration was facilitated by students in AUP's MA in Cross-cultural & Sustainable Business program, and was kicked off by a presentation by Reza. Completion of the competition led to the possibility for an AINA internship - for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Do you know any other examples of "third generation humanitarian aid" & the media being used to empower people?


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Arjan Tupan

November 15, 2010, 08:00AM
This is a great example. The third generation aid is much more sustainable. It's like the giving a man a fish, or teaching him how to fish thing. I like this!

Anne Ditmeyer

November 15, 2010, 07:18AM
Good point, OpenIDEO. The post morphed as I was writing it - good link. Thanks!


November 15, 2010, 04:25AM
Great! Nicole posted a great example from Brazil of social media being used to empower people: You can add each other's posts through the Build Upon feature (using the Update button) and get more DQ points. : )
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